Copy vs. Dropbox: Features comparison

Some time ago I wrote an article: Dropbox vs Copy: Copy offers more free space and after some testing and daily usage, I prepared this comparison table.

Feature Copy Dropbox Comments
Desktop client
Windows, Mac, Linux Yes Yes
Selective sync Yes Yes
Pause sync Yes Yes
Bandwidth Limit Yes Yes* Dropbox has an additional option: “Limit automatically” for upload (I don’t know how it works)
Manage shared folders Yes No
Web client
Search Function No Yes Sadly, Copy has not yet a search function (which I think it’s very handy in Dropbox), so you will have to browse all your folder structure to find what you need…
Picture Gallery Yes Yes
Video Player Yes Yes
Download entire folder as Zip file Yes Yes
Move files into another folder No Yes
Versioning Yes* Yes *In you have to click the file, then on “File activity” to see the older versions. In Dropbox it’s more user friendly: you click directly on “previous versions” and you can directly restore to an older version (which is not yet offered in
Restoring deleted files No* Yes * doesn’t allow yet to undelete files via web client. Recover deleted files with the desktop client
Sync speed Fast Slow Maybe it’s just my impression, but Copy seems faster than Dropbox.
Share a folder and let people add/remove files Yes Yes Invitation sent by email
Copy a shared folder to your account Needs a few minutes Instant Copy seems buggy: it creates a folder and it’s empty. Only a few minutes later you will see your files… so don’t worry, be patient.The button “Save to Copy” is available only when you are logged in and it is displayed at the bottom of the page, like in this screenshot:save-to-copy-download-all
Space used when sharing Shared between peers* Counted the same for each person *With Copy, if you share a 2GB folder with 3 friends, “Copy” will count 500MB (2GB/4) for each person. With Dropbox, every person will lose 2GB from his/her account
Free account 15 GB, 20 GB with a referral 2 GB, 2.5 GB with a referral
Maximum free size Unlimited (!) 18 GB :( With 8 people using my referral link I already have 60 GB (thank you!)
Bonus / referral system 5 GB (!) 0.5 GB :(

Feel free to comment. I may update this table as soon as I discover new features or relevant differences.

Conclusion: it seems to me that is the most generous service available (unlimited space offered for free, and 5GB for each referral). I just canceled my crashplan account and didn’t renew my flickr pro one. Why paying when I can get my backups hosted for free?

However, if you need a better support for versioning and undeleting files, I recommend you to use Dropbox for that. I use both. Dropbox for my little projects (source code doesn’t require a lot of space) and Copy to save my entire collection of pictures and videos, which needs a lot of space.

Check also my post on How to use Copy to backup an external hard drive.

Note: I will remove the referral links in the comments, so please do not put them. Thank you.

11 thoughts on “Copy vs. Dropbox: Features comparison

  1. Lazza

    I think you didn’t consider versioning. It’s the only essential feature for people using Dropbox for university or work. :)

    1. Paolo Brocco Post author

      Ciao Andrea, actually I was about updating my article to mention Versioning (see notes under Web client). Versioning is not so user friendly like in Dropbox, but it’s available, so: enjoy ;)

  2. Anand

    I guess my question is regarding the length of version history maintained. Dropbox only has one month of version history for free. Beyond that you need to buy ‘Ratpack’ for unlimited version history. What are the equivalent features for

    1. Paolo Brocco Post author

      Hi Anand, for what I’ve seen, keeps the first version + the history of the same week. I can see the old versions (in one case 23 revisions, in another case also more than 40 revisions) till “last Monday” (beginning of this week).

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  4. Krzysztof upload speed is at 50% speed of Dropbox sync (180KB/s vs 400KB/s)
    Overall is great Dropbox replacement.

    Something interesting: I have 2GB on my account, one directory has 1GB, I shared this directory with someone, my usage dropped to 1,5GB, then I stop sharing this directory and my usage is now 1GB. I still have the same data as before.

    1. Jake Lee

      That’s what they call ‘fair usage’, it drops amount usage since you are sharing the same data with someone else.

  5. David

    Absolutely no problems with either the desktop or iPhone app so far, and fantastic value. Upload speeds seem fast compared to other backup services I’ve used. Watch out Dropbox!

  6. mark

    I switched to after finding dropbox so slow when used on multiple computers. The sync speeds on start up were killing my laptop. does not seem to impact my desktop experience on start up.


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