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Move Dropbox location. Dropbox will stop syncing in November 2018

If on Linux you get the notification “Move Dropbox location. Dropbox will stop syncing in November” you may have realized already that on November 7, 2018, the Dropbox client will only support the Ext4 filesystem on Linux.

Update April 2019: I tried to use dark’s dropbox filesystem fix and it worked!

Unluckily, LUKS / ecryptfs on top of an Ext4 filesystem will not be supported either.

I think that this is really a bad decision and I’m very disappointed of Dropbox, thus I’m switching to one of the many available alternatives. I decided to try mega.nz.

MEGA as alternative to Dropbox

On MEGA you get 50 GB* free storage on registration, subject to (here is the catch) “achievements”.

Of these 50 GB: 15 GB are your base storage, but 35 GB will expire after 1 month 🙁

You get free space + extra bandwidth (yes, there is a bandwidth limit to avoid misusing the service I guess) also if you accomplish other achievements, but they also expire after some time. See screenshot below:


In my case, I didn’t need a lot of storage to backup my most important documents, 15 GB is actually more than what I had with Dropbox. If I need extra space I’ll consider other alternatives, but for now this was the easiest to setup. Bye bye Dropbox.

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How to use Copy to backup an external hard drive

You can backup your files even if they are not located inside of your Copy folder. E.g. if you have many important files saved in an external hard drive you may want to backup them, in case the external hard drive crashes or will be lost or stolen (don’t underestimate these risks, even in a safe country it can happen: I was stolen my stuff so I can only tell you to backup everything, even more than 1 time).

On a Mac, just create a link to the folder you want to backup.

On Windows, you can’t just create a shortcut. Unless you want to backup the shortcut file. You have to create a symbolic link. Use Symlinker (if you experience problems, launch it as Administrator).

Here is how I do

Inside of my Copy folder, I created a sub-folder called Backup. There, I’ve created the links as you can see in the following picture.


Be careful: when you remove your external hard drive Copy will delete everything that was previously synced/uploaded in the cloud.

A solution to avoid this problem (doesn’t happen with Dropbox) is the following.

In your Copy client (in the taskbar, right click on “Copy”) go to Preferences > Account > Manage my files > uncheck the “Backup” folder > uncheck “Remove local files” (else you will lose all your original files*) > click on “Save”.

[*Be careful with the option “Remove local files”: in my case -in my Backup folder- the local files are just symbolic links so if I remove them it’s not a problem, but it’s a good practice not to remove your local files unless you are 100% sure what you are doing. Do your own tests with test folders, test symbolic links and test data if you are not sure. So you see what happens in the different circumstances. When you know what happens, proceed. I do not take any responsibility if you lose your data.]

At this point the backup folder is not being synced anymore, and you can remove your external hard drive without losing all the files copied on Copy.com. That’s right, you can browse to http://www.copy.com, login and see your data in the cloud.

Last week, I unplugged my external hard drive and I lost everything,. That’s why I wrote this tutorial. The good thing is that when I plugged my external hard drive, copy synced all the files again, but at a faster speed. I think Copy still had my files in their servers and did a sort of “undelete” operation by comparing the file hashes.

Conclusion: removing the folder as explained above in my solution and adding it back when I want my external hard drive to be synchronized again, seems so far -after my testing- the best practice.

If you haven’t yet registered to copy, you can do so by using my referral link and get 20 GB instead of the standard 15 (+5 GB bonus when you use an invitation).

Check also my post Copy vs. Dropbox: Features comparison

Copy vs. Dropbox: Features comparison

Some time ago I wrote an article: Dropbox vs Copy: Copy offers more free space and after some testing and daily usage, I prepared this comparison table.

Feature Copy Dropbox Comments
Desktop client
Windows, Mac, Linux Yes Yes
Selective sync Yes Yes
Pause sync Yes Yes
Bandwidth Limit Yes Yes* Dropbox has an additional option: “Limit automatically” for upload (I don’t know how it works)
Manage shared folders Yes No
Web client
Search Function No Yes Sadly, Copy has not yet a search function (which I think it’s very handy in Dropbox), so you will have to browse all your folder structure to find what you need…
Picture Gallery Yes Yes
Video Player Yes Yes
Download entire folder as Zip file Yes Yes
Move files into another folder No Yes
Versioning Yes* Yes *In Copy.com you have to click the file, then on “File activity” to see the older versions. In Dropbox it’s more user friendly: you click directly on “previous versions” and you can directly restore to an older version (which is not yet offered in Copy.com)
Restoring deleted files No* Yes *Copy.com doesn’t allow yet to undelete files via web client. Recover deleted files with the desktop client
Sync speed Fast Slow Maybe it’s just my impression, but Copy seems faster than Dropbox.
Share a folder and let people add/remove files Yes Yes Invitation sent by email
Copy a shared folder to your account Needs a few minutes Instant Copy seems buggy: it creates a folder and it’s empty. Only a few minutes later you will see your files… so don’t worry, be patient.The button “Save to Copy” is available only when you are logged in and it is displayed at the bottom of the page, like in this screenshot:save-to-copy-download-all
Space used when sharing Shared between peers* Counted the same for each person *With Copy, if you share a 2GB folder with 3 friends, “Copy” will count 500MB (2GB/4) for each person. With Dropbox, every person will lose 2GB from his/her account
Free account 15 GB, 20 GB with a referral 2 GB, 2.5 GB with a referral
Maximum free size Unlimited (!) 18 GB 🙁 With 8 people using my referral link I already have 60 GB (thank you!)
Bonus / referral system 5 GB (!) 0.5 GB 🙁

Feel free to comment. I may update this table as soon as I discover new features or relevant differences.

Conclusion: it seems to me that Copy.com is the most generous service available (unlimited space offered for free, and 5GB for each referral). I just canceled my crashplan account and didn’t renew my flickr pro one. Why paying when I can get my backups hosted for free?

However, if you need a better support for versioning and undeleting files, I recommend you to use Dropbox for that. I use both. Dropbox for my little projects (source code doesn’t require a lot of space) and Copy to save my entire collection of pictures and videos, which needs a lot of space.

Check also my post on How to use Copy to backup an external hard drive.

Note: I will remove the referral links in the comments, so please do not put them. Thank you.

Dropbox vs Copy: Copy offers more free space

Overview. I just discovered a new cloud service called Copy, which works like Dropbox: you install a program, you place your files in a folder and they will be automatically uploaded in the cloud and synchronized with other devices using the program. Sharing a folder with friends works similarly (you can share a URL or send an invitation by email).

Mobile. Copy for Android is available, as well as Copy for iPhone. You can get your photos uploaded automatically on Copy. As Copy is a new service, Dropbox still has the leadership as many Apps let you use it, but don’t know yet about Copy. This will change in the future, but just keep this in mind for now.

Storage. Comparing to Dropbox, which only offers you 2 GB to begin, Copy lets you start with 15 GB (!) of space, but if you use a referral/invitation link to sign up both the inviter and the new subscriber get 5 GB of bonus!

So, just subscribe now, using my referral link, install Copy and start with 20 GB of space (enjoy!): https://copy.com?r=OlWTYx

How to increase (for free) your available space. After installing Copy, you can also invite your friends. For each referral you get 5 GB bonus (Dropbox gives you only 250 MB for each referral). Lets do some math:

With Dropbox you invite 10 friends. You get 10 * 0.25 GB = 2.5 GB of additional space.
On my free Dropbox account I have only 10 GB of free space, which is not enough to backup my entire collection of pictures…

With Copy you invite 10 friends. You get 10 * 5 GB = 50 GB of additional space.
With a few invites, thanks to Copy, I can backup my entire collection of pictures and all my important documents, all for free!

Invite 10 friends and you have in total, 70 GB of free space.

Dropbox -at the moment of writing- has a special offer for Smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S3. When configuring your phone for the 1st time you can create a new account and get 50 GB of free space, but only after completing 5 steps in the “Getting started” and only for 1 year (I tried the promotion and I didn’t get the 48 GB… quite disappointed of Dropbox!). After 1 year all the free space (48 GB) will be removed and you still have 2 GB of space.

See also my article Copy vs. Dropbox: Features comparison.

Conclusion. If you are looking for a FREE backup solution, sign up now to Copy and invite as many friends as you can. The 5 GB bonus for each referral, as indicated in their website, is a limited promotion till Copy is famous enough. Later, probably, they will lower the referral bonus.