Youtube – add to – Playlists sorted alphabetically

This is a Greasemonkey script I developed to help organized people to save time (and frustration, caused by the bad youtube interface) when adding videos to playlists. Youtube simply didn’t want to show the playlists sorted alphabetically (they show them sorted by last used… not practical at all for me), so, being annoyed, I fixed it! 😉

Please note, I didn’t update this script since ages. I’m not even sure if it works anymore, use/try it on your own risk…

Installation: you must have Greasemonkey – or Tampermonkey if using Chrome – installed, then browse to Youtube – add to – Playlists sorted alphabetically, click on “Install this script” and confirm.

Compatibility: Firefox 9 (Windows, Mac), Chrome (Windows, Mac)

Updated: 2014-12-02

If you like this script, share it with yout friends, rate it at the Greasy Fork script page, post it on your facebook or g+ wall etc. 😉 thank you.

My old script was downloaded more than 17’000 times (December 2013). I’m quite proud of it.

See old script page on

7 thoughts on “Youtube – add to – Playlists sorted alphabetically

  1. LISA

    You are welcome to send me an email at the address given.
    I downloaded your script many years ago and then with all the FF and Youtube updates lost it.. SO loved it and am SO excited to see it with a current!! datetag – Dec 2014. Four months ago! So it must be current to both youtube and FF. I am on FF 35.0.1 (not yet on 36). I added greasemonkey, downloaded your script, got confirmation of the download (it’s listed on FF), says script settings/Included pages have youtube and…. it is not working. I did shut down / reopen FF.
    Looking forward to having this back again!
    Thank you!

    1. Paolo Brocco Post author

      Dear Lisa, I don’t have much time at the moment. But when I do I’ll test this on Greasemonkey. Maybe try to use tampermonkey instead. I use tempermonkey and it works for me, on Chrome (both on Windows and Mac).

  2. Philip Rhoades


    I have installed it on Fedora Linux x86_64 Chrome but it doesn’t work – I see it is not compatible from the notes above but why?


    1. Paolo Brocco Post author

      Hi, I last updated this script a long time ago; YouTube keeps changing their html and I have no time to keep up to date with their changes, sorry about that. It would be so much easier if YouTube would simply allow to sort lists alphabetically than forcing this kind of hacks… you are a linux user, maybe you can try to learn a bit of html/javascript and make it work? Good luck with that 😉


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