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Paste in plain text on Mac OS X

If you like to copy and then paste in plain text you may know (for Windows) PureText.

For Mac, I found Flycut, which is much more powerful, but if you don’t care about the advanced features you can still use it the simple way.

To paste as plain text, simply copy something, then use the shortcut Command + Shift + V.

If you hold Command + Shift + V, you can navigate with the “left” and “right” arrows your clipboard history. If you don’t want that, or you want to customize it (say you want it to remember only the last 5 , check the Flycut preferences. Flycut has an icon in the top bar. Click it and then click on “Preferences”.

Remember to add it to your Startup items, else you have to open it manually all the time.

Fix key repeat on Mavericks

It seems that Mac OS X has (still) this annoying bug. If in Preferences > Keyboard > you set “Key Repeat” to “fast” and “Delay Until Repeat” also to fast, the system won’t obey it.

To fix this, open the terminal, run this command (just copy/paste this, no sudo needed):

defaults write -g ApplePressAndHoldEnabled -bool false

Then Log Out. Log in ad enjoy the key repeat working as it should.

Install Apache, PHP, Xdebug and MySQL on Mac OS X

In Mac OS X 10.9, apache, php and xdebug are already installed. To activate and configure them (and to install MySQL), follow this guide: Get Apache, MySQL, PHP and phpMyAdmin working on OSX 10.9 Mavericks

For Xdebug, add this at the end of the php.ini file (sudo vi pathtoyourphp.ini) (in vi, press “G” to go at the end):


Check also: Configuring Xdebug in PhpStorm

Check this webinar: Debugging PHP with PhpStorm (or directly this YouTube video)

Remember that you have to manually start apache:

sudo apachectl start
sudo apachectl stop
sudo apachectl restart

To start/stop MySQL, if you followed the initial guide, you already know that you can find a MySQL icon in your System Preferences.

PC Keyboard to Mac: make Home and End work like on PC

DoubleCommandIf you, like me, have a Mac or a MacBook and connected a PC keyboard to it, and want to make the Home and End keys work like on a PC (respectively: go at the beginning or at the end of the line), install DoubleCommand, open it from the System Preferences and tick the “PC Style Home and End keys”, then click “Activate” and Save for “System”. Enjoy.