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Accessibility Checklist 2.0

If you are like me, you may find quite strange that a website that speaks about “accessibilty” doesn’t share its content via HTML. Yeah, this is possible on the accessibility checklist website itself (!), where the documents are available in MS Office and OpenDocument format. Even a zip containing all files is available, but the documents are not available in PDF or even worse, in HTML.

HTML is the most accessible format, because it can be opened in any browser, doesn’t need any special plugin or external program (both word and openoffice formats need a program installed, to be viewed).

I like HTML because I can also view/read it -if coded well- in a window that fits my needs. With a so called responsive design a website can work on any width and height, especially when we talk about a simple text to read or even an e-book. I don’t like PDFs because the format is given and generally it can’t be scaled, unless the PDF reader is really smart and allows so.

What I did was simply download the doc files and export them as html with Word 2013 and share them here. It costed me about half an hour. Hopefully it can be helpful for other people. Maybe you can add the checklist or the explanations in your “read later” list on Instapaper, enjoy!






As I took the files under a creative commons license, here I post credits to the authors and the same license.

Files originally downloaded from http://www.accessibility-checklist.ch/

Zur Website in neuem Fenster der Creative Commons

Jailbreak checklist ios 6.1 and 6.1.2

So you want to jailbreak your new or old iphone having iOS 6.1 or iOS 6.1.2? You are not sure what to do, because all guides explain how to jailbreak a new device, but not an already jailbroken iphone? Here a checklist of things to do before jailbreaking and what to do after jailbreaking to restore all your precious apps and tweaks.

Preparation – checklist for already jailbroken device

  • If you had install0us installed, and it doesn’t work anymore (after opening it it closes automatically) you can still open it, just go in airplane mode (iphone) or disable wifi (ipad). Make sure that the setting “sync itunes” is enabled. This will allow you to backup also your pirated apps in itunes. If you forget this option you may encounter problems such as itunes deleting your pirated apps during the sync or the backup.
  • In cydia, make sure the package “appsync” is installed, this allows you to backup via itunes, as explained above.
  • Do a backup of your SHSH Blobs with TinyUmbrella. Check this guide.
  • If you have pkgbackup or another program to backup your cydia apps, do a backup with that. If you skip this step you’ll have to manually re-install all your cydia tweaks. At least make a list of the most important ones.
  • Before doing a backup via itunes, right click on your device in itunes, and click on Transfer Purchases. This will save all your apps (including the pirated ones) in your itunes backup.
  • Do a full itunes backup.
  • If you have a passcode lock, disable it.

Preparation – Checklist for new or not yet jailbroken device

  • Do an itunes backup: connect your device to itunes, click on your device, click on “Back Up”.
  • If you have a passcode lock, disable it.

How to jailbreak – for new or not yet jailbroken device

Instructions to jailbreak + to restore your pirated apps (for already jailbroken device, upgrading to new iOS 6.1 or iOS 6.1.2)

  • If you have a passcode lock, disable it.
  • in itunes check for update and restore to 6.1.2 (important, upgrade to 6.1.2 via itunes and not on the iphone or ipad itself). I restore as new phone (empty = faster restore). Then later (after successfull jailbreak, I restore from the backup).
  • Jailbreak with the evasi0n tool.
  • Open Cydia, it will close after preparing some stuff. Re-open it, you may now install/upgrade just all the base cydia packages. Add the repository (in cydia: Manage > Sources) “http://sinfuliphonerepo.com”. Search for AppSync (AppSync for iOS 4.x-6.x). Install it. Close cydia, go to Safari, browse to http://v.appvv.com/en/ and install vShare. Now you can download apps from vShare.
  • If you had a pkgbackup or alternative backup of your cydia apps, restore it.
  • You should also be able to restore your backup from itunes, including all your pirated apps. If not, in itunes go in the Apps section and add them manually again.

Hope this helps.