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MVC 5 for Visual Studio 2012

If you are still using Visual Studio 2012 and are looking for a way to have intellisense for your views made for razor 3, if you want to add a new view and a new controller with the proper menu entries in visual studio you probably noticed that with things don’t work as they should.

Simply install the following 2 components:

In case the links don’t work, check the original articles where I’ve found all the necessary information (thanks to them):

After installing these 2 components, you’ll finally be able to work on MVC5, just as you were used with MVC 4. Check these screenshots:


When you right click on “Controllers” and select “Add” you can now select “Controller…”


When you right click on your Views folder and then select “Add” you can now select “View…” as well as new entries (see MVC 5 View options at the bottom)


When you add a View, you can select a Model class and a Data context class, scaffolding will work also with Entity Framework 6


Visual Studio 2012 Publish Bug Fix

This is one of the biggest annoyances I’ve seen in Visual Studio 2012 and today I finally could find a working solution.

Issue: your Publish Profile is configured -for Connection– to use “File system” and when you try to publish, the files aren’t copied.

Probably you got the project from TFS. Your colleague(s) can normally publish the files but the publish does’t work for you. Quite frustrating, huh? Don’t panic.


Right click on your project. Click on “Publish” > Profile (first tab) > select the profile you need > click on “Settings” > the configuration is probably “Release“.

If this appears to be right: select “Debug”, close (save) then go back and repeat the same steps and select “Release”, then save. It should work.*

If this appears to be wrong, e.g. you have a configuration called “DEV” or “STAGE” or “LIVE” (as I do), select the appropriate one. Then publish. It works (tested).

Check the question Visual Studio 2012 Web Publish doesn’t copy files (see comment by firepol) on stackoverflow.

*See the most voted answer besides the “accepted answer”.